Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home Again

Well we have been home for about 1 week now and I'm still trying to sort out camping stuff and cloths, but I have a good reason for being so slack... we have both arrived home with a good dose of the flu...

On our arrival home to "Wandarrah", we drove in the front gate and we came face to face with this sign.... Well, we know we said quite often on our trip; "Oh, we could live here..." but we didn't think the neighbours would take us literally. We really have lovely friends for neighbours....Hmmmm!!!!!

Then after having recovered from that shock, we took a look across the front paddock and saw this BLACK sheet, then really started to wondered "What the Hell.....????"
Our lovely little friend next door, decided to burn off the road bank of dead grass, when it got away from her. I won't go into detail as to how she managed to do such a great job, just lets say it was a burn off gone wrong.....Aye Jan?
A lot of people have asked "What's the best thing about being home?" I would have to say -Sleeping in our own bed and using our own bathroom and shower... It really is good to be home, but I really must say we had a wonderful trip and saw some beautiful sights and met some lovely people. I would like to thank you all again for reading my stories, but please stay tuned as I will be putting up a lot more pictures for you all to have a look at, from time to time. I'll also give you a few stats on our ks and fuel etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, It's really great to have you home again...
cheers - Your good friend