Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home Again

Well we have been home for about 1 week now and I'm still trying to sort out camping stuff and cloths, but I have a good reason for being so slack... we have both arrived home with a good dose of the flu...

On our arrival home to "Wandarrah", we drove in the front gate and we came face to face with this sign.... Well, we know we said quite often on our trip; "Oh, we could live here..." but we didn't think the neighbours would take us literally. We really have lovely friends for neighbours....Hmmmm!!!!!

Then after having recovered from that shock, we took a look across the front paddock and saw this BLACK sheet, then really started to wondered "What the Hell.....????"
Our lovely little friend next door, decided to burn off the road bank of dead grass, when it got away from her. I won't go into detail as to how she managed to do such a great job, just lets say it was a burn off gone wrong.....Aye Jan?
A lot of people have asked "What's the best thing about being home?" I would have to say -Sleeping in our own bed and using our own bathroom and shower... It really is good to be home, but I really must say we had a wonderful trip and saw some beautiful sights and met some lovely people. I would like to thank you all again for reading my stories, but please stay tuned as I will be putting up a lot more pictures for you all to have a look at, from time to time. I'll also give you a few stats on our ks and fuel etc.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good Samaritan

Sunday 3rd August 2008
Well, I must tell you all... Ray’s ‘Good Samaritan’ deed has earned ME another little treasure yesterday. On our way along the road yesterday afternoon we passed someone broken down on the side of the road, so of course we stopped to see if we could help. He had a broken water shaft and had put the fan through the radiator and done a lot of damage. We offered whatever help we could, he just said “If you could take me to my home, so that I can come back with my car and tow the thing home again, that would be great.” So off we went, he started talking about what he does etc, as you do. When we got to his house which was at Mintabie, just west of Marla, Ray help him get some fuel from a 44gal drum to take with him. Then he said “just come inside for a moment, I’ll show you something.” So in we went, and he gave me a beautiful Opal Dubblet, it is really lovely, how lucky am I?
We are bushing camping tonight and have had a great fire going to keep warm... we’ll have to find our winter cloths soon, they are all packed away up on the roof rack at the moment.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Last Few Days...

Friday 1st August 2008
Wow, I still have service, so thought I’d jot down a bit of what we have been up to over the past few days. Arrived into Yalura on Wednesday and set up in the camping grounds at the Ayers Rock Resort. But firstly I’d like to wish my Dad a very Happy Birthday for today; I hope you have a great day Dad. On Wednesday when we arrived we went out to Ayers Rock (Uluru) for a look and investigate some of the walks that were available to do. Well, it was unbelievable the trouble it was to get into a park that is in our OWN country!!!!! Forms to fill out, photo ID to show, passes to have printed and laminated... then shown each time you want to go into visit the Rock or the Olgers (Kata Tju­ta). Anyway we had to get a pass for 3 days, which now entitles us to come anytime over the next 12 months. It expires 30-07-2009, bloody ridiculous. The Government to making a squillion out of this National Park, as it is leased back to the Federal Government to manage and run, with all proceeds going back to them NOT the Aboriginals. The Rangers get an amount to run it and one ranger told us that their budget had been cut severely. What do you know.....
Anyway all the politics aside, the Rock is certainly a very majestic piece of this planet that it would make anyone proud to say “It’s ours”. It really is amazing and somehow, there are no words to explain how it feels when you’re up close to it. You can feel how it would be sacred, but not only to the Aboriginals but to all fellow Australians. Yesterday, we went on a walk half way around, didn’t do all the way, it is 9.4kms, too much for this old dear. Then last night, we went back out to do one other walk up into the Gorge, before we
watched the sunset over the Rock. It was awesome to watch the colours change as the sun went down behind us.
Today we went out to the Olgers (Kata Tjuta).
They are just as wonderful, only they are a lot of smaller domes; one of them is about 250mt higher than the Rock. These look to be made up of a different rock texture to Ayers Rock though. Still they really are just as majestic and a MUST see, when you ever get the chance.
We will be heading towards home tomorrow, via Finley to see Mum & Dad and Heddy, Daryl and the girls, then Wagga to see the Bubby Girls (Mum & Dad too), Jan & John, then Sydney to see Siovhan then Woy Woy to see the little men (their Mum & Dad as well). So it will probably be a couple of weeks before we’re having coffee on the Nut House Coffee Shop Deck (next door). Also I may not have service over the next few days, when we’re stopped as we’ll be bushing camping most of the way home to Finley. So this could be the last entry from actually on the trip, we’ll see... Thanks for the interest in my Blog and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.