Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last weeks Adventures

Wednesday 23rd July 2008
Well, we set off this morning with the idea we would Bush Camp along the road at where ever we get to by about 4:30pm. We arrived at Mataranka about 10:30am and decided to stop at Bitter Springs for a dip in the thermal pools... it was wonderful!!! Swam there for about an hour and a half it was so good, we both felt so energised afterwards. Back into the wagon again and headed for “Fran’s Devonshire Tea House” at Larrimah, she had a freshly baked leg of lamb in the oven and home-made Damper Rolls... this was her special for the day, Roast Lamb on a Damper Roll with gravy.... Yummo!!!!! Then we had sweets, Oh Boy!!! Ray had a home-made “Fruit Spring Roll” with home-made Ice-cream. Of course he couldn’t eat the Ice-cream so I had to eat that... double Yummo!!! I also had a home-made butter-milk scone with jam & cream... Yummo-Bumbo. Then we rolled ourselves back into the wagon and continued on our journey to ’who knows where’. Arrived at Daley Waters about 3:30pm, thought we’d drive in for a look. Then remembered that this is where the ‘singing chook man’ is – Frank, so stayed the night here, along with another 500 travellers with their caravans, mobile-homes, campers and tents, but it was a great night with Burra & Salads for dinner and Bacon Eggs & Pancakes for breakfast. Yummo-Bumbo Again!!!!

Thursday 24th July 2008
Travelled from Daley Waters to Wauchope today, big drive, after all the food we have eaten over the past 24hours, it was a very lethargic drive as well.....

Friday 25th July 2008
Arrived in Alice for lunch today, did another small shop for a few supplies, got more fuel and continued on our journey to Stuart Wells, where we booked in for 2 nights. We met a couple from Coffs Harbour who are working at the Roadhouse for a few weeks. Small world aye!!! We also met “Dinky” the signing dingo... great act for an old dingo, obviously love the sound of the piano and just goes off with his ‘singing’ howling...

Sunday 27th July 2008
On the road again after a day of R&R. We arrived at the Kings Canyon Resort about 3:30pm, and the place was chock-a-block with caravans. There we were trying to park on a tiny squishing little corner site... and we were going to be there for 3 nights, I don’t think so.... Along came a lovely little lady scooting around on a Skoda, to help us. She immediately took us to a great spot on a grassy area away from the entire crowd, and it is lovely. We have settled in here for a few days to go for the Canyon walks.

Monday 28th July 2008
Up early this morning to get our BIG walk started before it gets too hot. We did the Kings Canyon Ridge walk!!! It began with a very very steep climb up the spur of the canyon to the top. Then we walked all around the rim of the canyon, some places it was along the cliff edge, which didn’t impress Ray very much. There were some very easy places as well; a lot of work has been put into making the walk as safe as possible, with steps, boardwalks and bridges across the actual canyon. Once around the main canyon part, we descended down the other side back to the car
It was a 6km loop walk and took us nearly 4 hours. About half way along the walk is the Garden of Eden, a delightful area of cool waterholes and riverine vegetation. Although I think it is dried up at the moment, as we didn’t see any waterholes. It was still very impressive just the same.
It never ceases to amaze me how this planet is put together. The land formations just across Australia along are unbelievable. After our walk this morning, we had a very lazy afternoon and an early night.

Tuesday 29th July 2008
This morning, more walking... not quite as early start but we did do 2 walks. The first one was up the Kings Creek itself. This was at the bottom of the Canyon, opposed to where we were yesterday, at the top; along the dry creek bed of the Canyon. A very easy walk along a path, about 2km and it look us about an hour. Extremely interesting to see the amazing textures and formation in the rock walls, also the way nature creates her magnificent brick work. The second walk was into Katherine Springs, it was about 2.6kms and a very dry walk, but at the dead end of the path was a large pool of spring water, although it certainly was not swimmable or drinkable. We have some very friendly wild life in our camp site here. Lots of pigeons, pee-wees, crows and dingos, all come for a wander through the camp looking for whatever they can find to eat. There are lots of signs around, warning us of the dingos and NOT to feed them or encourage them into the park. They really don’t need any encouragement though; they just come right on in up close to where we are sitting. It’s off to Ayers Rock tomorrow, hope it’s all that I’m expecting....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Holiday Stories Continue

Well we have had a wonderful week in Darwin. It really is a lovely city, very similar to Canberra in the way it’s laid out. We saw lots of tourist things; Ray was very keen to check out all the WW11 history that was in the museums, so we did the rounds of them. It really is quite frightening to really learn just how close we came to being owned by the Japanese. I don’t think our history books tell the full story, as to how many times Darwin and the top end were attacked. We had a walk through the Oil tunnels that were built towards the end of WW11, they are huge, but would you believe... they were never used. The Navy said at the end of the war – “We don’t need them now, you can do with them what you want.” We also had a sunset harbour cruise, nice but another ripe off for the tourists. We also met some lovely people that were camped near us in the Park.

Thursday 17th July 2008
Left Lee Point Caravan Park early this morning and headed towards Kakadu. Went to the Spectacular Jumping Crocodiles at Middle Point on the Adelaide River, not a bad show... The croc really is a mean looking creator though, especially the BIG ones. Had some lunch at Corroboree Park Inn, then went on to Aurora Resort – Kakadu and stayed for 2 nights.

Friday 18th July 2008
I must say, since being on this trip I have experienced a few new things, but the scariest one would have been this morning when I went to the shower block for a shower and came face to feet with a snake. I’m not sure who was the most frightened though. He just slithered past me and down the drain hole in the next shower cubicle, consequently I returned to the camper and had a 3F (some of you will know what that is) I wasn’t staying in the shower block for anything... Ray went to find someone that looked like they worked there, to report it. They just said “Yeah, it was probably a water python; we usually pull them out of the toilets... We went for a drive up to Jabiru, just to have a look about... not much there, Supermarket, Centre link, Medical Centre, heat and flies etc... Lovely bakery though, so we bought some nice fresh bread to keep us going. Went back to our camp and had a swim in the pool at the resort. Lovely!!!! Not having a shower tonight either...

Saturday 19th July 2008
On our way to our next port of call in Kakadu, which was a bush camp near “Yellow Waters”, we drove up to a beautiful spot called Ubirr (Oo-beer). We walked right up to the top of the Escarpment to check out the view... It was spectacular absolute breath-taking. One can only imagine what it would be like in the wet season. Had a burger at the Boarder Store, and then off to Calais Crossing. This is a crossing over the East Alligator River, and if you get there at the right time, when the tide is changing, there are lots of Barramundi, that get caught in the over flow. This is where the crocs get a real good feed. Lots of big crocs came sliding down from the muddy banks to start feasting. It was here we witnessed the stupidest act from a tourist I’ve even seen. This, I can only call him a twit, man walked out into the water that was running over the crossing, up to his knees. While he was doing this, we were watching a big croc swim up to about 4 metres from where he was standing. We set up another great bush camp... except for the MOZZIES!!! Boy!!! They just about picked us up and carried us out of there. We just had to cover ourselves with the good old RID and had lots of mossies coils burning around the camper.

Sunday 20th July 2008
Up very early this morning to catch the Sunrise Cruise on the Yellow Water River. This was really very nice, a bit cool and fresh at that time of the morning, but we soon warmed up when the sun came up. It was a lovely cruise with lots and lots of bird life, all different kinds. We also saw wild horses, dingos and more crocs. Back to Cooinda Resort for some brekkie or brunch, then we had a walk up to a look-out that was such a rough and steep walk, but I guess it was worth it, a 360 degree view of Kakadu. Then back to our mozzie filled camp for an early dinner so that we could get inside the camper before we needed to turn on the light. An early pack up in the morning to get out of this place...

Monday 21st July 2008
Down to Katherine today, booked into the Knots Crossing Resort/Caravan Park. We have booked on the Gorge Cruise for the morning trip. Hope this one is worth it...

Tuesday 22nd July 2008
Well, we have been out to the “Katherine Gorges” this morning. Three flat bottom boats lined up, each holding up to 60 people. We were doing the 3 Gorge Cruise, there were also other ones going at the same time. They do at least 3 of these cruises during the day, so that’s 9 x 60.... We paid $69 for our 3 Gorge cruise; this was a middle of the range cruise. Now, do the math... 9 x 60 x 69 x 365days = ???? And all this is owned by our native brothers that have been here for 50,000 years... Hmmmmm!!!! Don’t tell me they’re hard done by!!!!! But we did enjoy seeing the gorges and the amazing formation of the walls of the gorge.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Visit to Licthfield National Park NT

These are the Florence Falls, by far they largest ones in the park. We didn't do the 1/2k walk (or climb) down to the plunge pool for a swim...
These are the Buley Rockpools just below the Florence Falls. When for a swim here.

Wangi Falls, went for a swim here... although there were Groc signs around, but apparently they trap them before they get into this part...hmmm!!!

These are the Tjaynera Falls, went swimming here as well, very cold but very refreshing.

Another water crossing for Ray... this one was .75cm deep. Ray crossed a few times hence the photo...

Some more Holiday Photos

Well as promised, here are some holiday pics for you to have a look at...
This is one of the Pentacost River Crossings we had to cross coming into Kununurra. This is not us but one of the cars that crossed after us obviously...

Have a look at the reflections in this pool of water called the "Grotto" We had to walk down 152 steps that had been carved or manipulated into the rock face. Just amazing!!!

Now for some Boab trees....

Left, we have a tree that is reported to be over 2000 years old.

The one the right we have a Boab Prison Tree used in the 1800 to house prisoners overnight when transferring them to somewhere else.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Arrived in Darwin today

I will add pics soon.....
Wednesday 2nd July 2008
Another lazy day today, Ray was a bit off. We went for a bit of a drive around the town, had a look in the Argyle Diamond Shop. A pair of drop earrings with a Cognac coloured diamond as big as your little finger nail was priced at $1,847,000... it did have a couple of small diamonds at the top of it though and it was set on gold... My favourite one was (again) $87,000 a lovely little number of a darkish pink. Oh well, dream on Faye!!!
Thursday 3rd July 2008
Today will be washing and packing up the wagon, getting ready to head out tomorrow. We haven’t been out to Kelly’s Knob yet or the Hoochery (the rum distillery), so we’ll probable to that today.
Friday 4th July 2008
Had to say hoo-roo to lovely friends this morning when we left Hidden Valley Caravan Park. We have had a lovely stay in Kununurra, lots to do and had some time with Leonie and Leon from Macksville. Met another nice couple there as well; they are from Tassie and are travelling for a few months. They might call in on us when they come across to the east coast. We camped about 100ks from Katherine on a road side stop along with other caravans, about 8 all up.
Saturday 5th July 2008
Arrived in Katherine about 9:30am and had a bit of a look about, before we headed out to Hayes Creek to camp a couple of nights.
Sunday 6th July 2008
We went for a drive out to Douglas Hot Springs this morning. What a wonderful little Oasis that is... There is a National Park Camp grounds and easy access to the river and the warm water that is flowing from the hot springs up river.
Monday 7th July 2008
We headed for the Litchfield National Park for a few days there before we make our way up to Darwin. We’ll stay here until Thursday to have a look at some falls and gorges etc.
Wednesday 9th July2008
Well, we have had two great days wondering around this great National Park. Boy, there are some wonderful spots here, well worth the couple of days... I have some great pics to add but will do that when I have more Internet time, I have used well over my 10 hrs this month already. The first falls we had a look at on the way in to find a camping spot, were the Florence Falls, then yesterday we had a big day and did some climbing to have a swim at the Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek Falls). No croc signs around, so we felt safe (???). We also checked out the “Blyth Homestead” ruins, where the Sergeant family lived for some time while their father along with the oldest children mined for ‘tin’. We had some creek crossings to do on the way in and out of these places, fairly deep and rough. Then we went to the Wangi Falls, which we had another swim there as well. Apparently they remove the crocs from there with traps...hmmmm!!!! But there were lots of other people there before us so we thought it safe enough. We had afternoon tea at the Monsoon Cafe, a lovely little place in the middle of the scrub and bush with all this wonderful homemade cooking, and great coffee. Today we went to the Buley Rockhole just below the Florence Falls, and they were just wonderful... had a great wallow in the pools and under the small falls. Well, we are just all tuckered out tonight so will say good night for now... will post this as soon as I get to Darwin and some service...
Thursday 10th July 2008
As some of you already know we arrived in Darwin about 2:30pm today, setup our camp in the Lee Point Caravan Park. Nice shady park, we have been to a live concert already... LOL, they have a concert every week here in the park. They weren’t too bad, good entertainment for a few hours. Different anyway... well off to bed now, gotta get some sleep for a big day tomorrow of exploring Darwin and all its sights...