Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're On Our Way

Were on our way at last...
We camped last night at a great spot at Lock Nine on the Murray River about 50ks west of Mildura. We did very well I think, made ourselves dinner of steak & veg, cup of tea and into bed by 8:30pm as it was freezing cold. Got up about 8am had brekkie and packed up everything again ready to move on to our next port of call tonight. Not sure where it will be though...
Have just had a MacDonald’s for lunch... Ray felt like a SoyaCino, and they do make good ones that he knows he can have. It is a beautiful day again but boy, do they need rain out here!!!
We left home last Thursday week ago, and after spending a week travelling south visiting family in Woy Woy, Nowra, Wagga Wagga and Finley we are now on the road heading west. We have had a lovely week seeing Matt & Rhonda and Angus & Archie (grandsons), then Nowra where we caught up with Ray’s Mum (Maude) and his sister Dianne & Bob and brothers Bruce & Paul and friends Barry & Kerry. In Wagga we saw Richard & Jenni and our grand-daughters Laura & Elizabeth.
Our few days in Finley found Ray doing a bit more maintenance on the vehicle and trailer with the help of Daryl and Mick. Helen & I went to visit with Mum & Dad one day and also Helen’s daughters Jodie & Mat, Dana & Fiz and Lee came over to see us on Wednesday night. We were able to have a cuddle of little Mackenzie, Jo & Mat’s Bubs.
After the work the boys did on the trailer, it is now running very well and straight. We have been able to get everything packed up again as it was and is all travelling very well. Fuel here is not too bad, $1.74.9 at Caltex and $1.79.9 at BP. Mildura was about the same, as well. At the moment we are getting about 5.704 kilometres to the litre.
Well, I’ll say cheerio for now and hope all is well at home.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here we Go

Now our campers' packed and we're ready to roll
The last few weeks have taken their toll
But now we're ready and keen to go
With our hearts a flutter and spirits aglow.

With the dawn breaking on Thursday morn
The wagon is standing with Ray on the horn
I'll be inside, dragging the chain
With last minute checks to be done again.

We're leaving town in our four-wheel drive
We will be gone for quite a while
It's off, across Australia we go
With our camper packed and ready to tow
Misty & Tisha? Well, they just can't go
This is a shame, as we will miss them so...

'Cross desert plains, to majestic falls
We're looking forward to seeing it all
This trips' been planned for a long long time
And to-day's the day, we're ready and primed

So wish us well, log onto our Blog,
And we'll give you a yell from the top of OZ

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting Ready

May 2008
Hello and Welcome to our Travel Blog... The reason I am setting this up is so that you will be able to check in, every week to see where we are and what we are doing. So I hope you’ll all ‘Bookmark’ the link so that you’re able to find us again easily.
At this stage we are planning to head out at the end of May (about 25 days away,) boy... I’d better pull my figure out and get organised, hadn’t I Ray?
So, I do hope you will take advantage of this Blog to follow us across Australia to the Northern Territory and the top end of Western Australia. Ray has been yearning to do this trip for years, and it nearly came to a halt for this year, when he had to have an operation in April. But we just had to put off our departure time by about 8 weeks, so now he is really getting anxious about getting away.
We have house-sitters coming in to be here while we are away, to mind/feed the dogs & chooks. Ray has sold all our steers and we have sent Rosie for a holiday to Pade’s Ponderosa. Our house sitters are good friends of ours so we know the place will be well looked after...